A Malaysian’s childhood would not have been complete without the traditional games we love so much. Even as many of us age into adulthood, we never quite forget the nostalgic memories these games have brought us. More than just your average children’s games, these classics are household names and are a part of our country’s rich cultural heritage.


Fun and Games For Everyone

Whether you’re only just learning how to toss and catch Batu Seremban or are an expert in aiming Ceper / Bottle Caps, Malaysian traditional games are definitely for you. They are easy to learn and the rules are pretty simple. Almost anyone can master them if they set their heart to it.

It doesn’t really matter to anyone if you can kick Sepak Yem correctly or drop your Batu Seremban multiple times throughout the game. There may be some rules to follow and winners to be declared, but ultimately these games are just for us to have fun together! Perhaps the greatest value these games bring to our lives is the chance to spend time and connect with the people around us.





Keeping the Traditions Alive

These traditional games are a part of our heritage that should be inherited by many future generations to come, hence why we make our products as affordable and accessible as possible. With our products, Palmy hopes to keep these timeless classics that we know and love alive through the ages.