From every day clothes to luxurious decorative fabrics, the textile industry is certainly a flourishing one, especially in Malaysia. But many often overlook that numerous textile producers disregard the negative environmental impacts of using chemical dyes and inks in favour of cutting costs and maximising profits. We believe that you deserve high quality textiles without needing to harm the environment. And we make it happen.

How We Are Different



Batik is arguably one of the world’s oldest living crafts and art forms. It is very well-known for its intricacy and beauty across the globe. The hot wax often used is drawn onto the fabric by using canting, brushes or metal blocks to create designs before using Remazol dyes to add colour, so that the waxed areas will not be penetrable by the dye. This traditional technique has been used since a long time ago and is still used now. Unfortunately, this technique causes water and air pollution due to the chemicals used.

To reduce these adverse effects, we create batik using a different method; cold wax. This method is much faster and safer for the environment. Cold wax can be disposed easily, unlike hot wax which require chemical solutions. It is almost like making traditional batik, only without needing to boil the wax. Although it doesn’t give pinpoint precision to designs, the slight inaccuracies make the designs seem all the more natural.








Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves and flowers leave shapes, colour, and marks on fabrics. Plant material bundled inside cloths are steamed or boiled to release the dye found naturally inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. Not all plants can produce natural colour, so we use plants like catappa leaves, lanang leaf, and betel leaf to produce colours on the fabric that is 100% natural.

These alternatives that Palmy has adopted are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. When it comes to quality, these innovative techniques provide equally satisfying results. We use them on our many products including Eco Batik and printed T-shirts.