Agro tourism is a tourism concept that has rapidly been gaining popularity in Malaysia. It offers tourists a taste of the agriculture sector in our country, which is one of our major economic sectors, through an assortment of related activities. As a member of Malaysia’s agriculture sector, Palmy promotes and offers a unique agro tourism experience to tourists.



What We Do

Majority of our resources for the products we produce are sourced from local farms. For example, Johor’s ever-abundant pineapple farms are where Palmy’s supply of pineapple leaves come from. Our workforce also consists of hardworking locals who are responsible for the intricately crafted products you see.

We want tourists to be able to indulge in the one-of-a-kind agricultural industry of Malaysia through our hands-on activities. Through in-person participation, tourists get to experience agro tourism to its fullest capacity.




Our Hope

Through agro tourism, Palmy hopes to engage tourists in a wholesome learning experience about our part in the agriculture sector. We also hope to cultivate an appreciation for this often overlooked sector as it is a vital part of Malaysia’s economy.