“One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.”

When one talks about the agricultural sector in Malaysia, or anywhere for the matter, we often think about the produce that ends up in the market. Very seldom do we wonder about what happens to the waste products of this sector. What most people saw as waste, our founder, Asna Nabiha Aziz, saw as untapped potential.



Beginning with Pineapples

Johor, known for its thriving pineapple plantations, became the source for the first of Palmy’s many products. With the help of technology, leaves leftover from harvesting pineapples were turned into paper, becoming Pina-paper. High quality and with a little rustic touch colour-wise, this paper is just as good as your average mass-produced sheets, maybe even better!

Following the creation of Pina-paper, the company ventured further into developing pineapple leaves into other products like thread. The strong and durable material makes them the perfect material to be made into all sorts of fashionable fabrics.




Developing Further

We don’t just stop at pineapples, though. In the recent years, Palmy has begun to expand its repertoire of agricultural waste resources. After all, in a country with such a vast agriculture sector, options are ever abundant.

Sourcing from banana stems and bamboo, this company continues to develop more products that are eco-friendly as well as consumer-friendly. Wallpaper made of banana stems have broken into international markets in the United States of America, Korea and Japan!

This company is dedicated to crafting quality materials from agricultural waste products. We believe that our products satisfy the needs of consumers while uncompromising the well-being of our environment in the process.