Cultivated from the passion to save the environment, Palmy is a lifestyle brand that specializes in beautifully handcrafted paper and textile goods made from agricultural waste such as pineapple leaves, banana, stems and bamboo shoots. From raw materials to our craft’s finishing touches, our brand Palmy is proudly local, made in Malaysia by Malaysians.



Driven to make a positive impact towards ecological and social causes, PALMY also provides other services in the industry. By touching lives through the strokes of art we hand paint, the awareness we raise through education and even the experiences we share with the public through agro-tourism, we consider it right that engagement with our clientele is key to creating ripples of sustainable change together.



Unlike most brands, Palmy does not barter nor negotiate the wellbeing and livelihoods of our workers for cheap deals. The health, safety and happiness of the faces behind each Palmy product is important to us. We are advocates of fair trade and believe every human being deserve to be paid fairly for good and honest work. The pricing you see on Palmy products reflects the production time and quality achieved by the hardworking hands of our local farmers, single mothers and housewives who are skilled and experts in their niche of trade. Just like most of us, they too have families to take care of and because they are part of Palmy’s family, your support allows us to take care of them, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for that. We take the term “local” very seriously as we do not out source many raw materials nor talents outside of Malaysia. It is wasteful to not celebrate the multitude of resources our home has to offer, so most of our materials and production takes place on our own soil to reduce carbon footprint and ensure a greener and transparent supply chain.


Environmental Impact
Inspired by nature, PALMY believes aesthetics can be met without he expense of the planet. Since PALMY began its operations, we have already prevented open burning of agricultural waste and further deforestation.


Economic Impact
Just as how the individuals behind each PALMY product have you covered, delivering the best workmanship and attention to detail, we have theirs. All PALMY goods are ethically made by a close-knit community in a village of Johor and we aim to create positive economic impact by helping local farmers generate better income and livelihoods.