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Doodling was once thought as a silly pastime.

Now, however, it is acknowledged as a fun form of art.

Amir Sabri is one person who has not only witnessed this transition first hand, but is making an impact through it. He also known as Amesab Yaw in his most desire.

Amesab’s Doodling Origins

Amir had always been invested in doodling since he was a kid, although he never thought much of it.

To him, the multitude of squiggles was just an outlet for channelling the creativity that often “leaks from his brain”, as he puts it.

It wasn’t until his varsity years that Amir discovered that his whimsical drawings actually fell under a specific category of art; Doodling.

Since 2012, Amir and the term ‘Doodle’ were inseparable, using the name Do. Da. Doodle as his brand.

He started doodling seriously, finding time to explore and hone his skills daily.

Day by day, he started seeing the improvements he wanted in his doodles and eventually, he found a unique doodle style he could call his own.

Amir acknowledges that his doodling style may not be the best one out there.

Instead, he chooses to place emphasis on the uniqueness of an individual’s interpretation of art and how he can channel his interpretation the way he wants to.

EST 2012

Meaningful Doodles

The joy Amir feels when he doodles is portrayed in his artwork and often finds its way into other people’s lives as well.

Slowly but surely, Amir’s family and friends began giving him opportunities to design doodles for them.

His work gained more recognition through his social media handles DoDaDoodle, where he took on more commissions for other people interested in his doodles.

The cute and whimsical drawings that spark joy also carries messages conveyed by the artist, leaving viewers inspired and motivated.

Despite leading a busy life as an architect, Amir always makes time to pursue his passion for doodling as it is one of his methods to connect with his emotions, feelings and thoughts.

It makes him feel calm and free, bringing out his truest self.

Sneak peak the doodle art Amesab made for us!


Wanting to further share his passion and spread his positive impact with others, PALMY has been collaborating with Amir for our nature-based products.

His doodles illustrate our latest eco-friendly journal and calendar, which you can buy here. He is one of the first of many local artists that PALMY is reaching out to with our latest campaign, #workwithlo

Since our starting days, PALMY has been working with local farmers, providing them with alternative income opportunities.

With this new campaign, PALMY aims to collaborate with local artists like Amir as well.

We hope to provide exposure for Malaysia’s up-and-coming creatives, helping them achieve national and international recognition.

Know an aspiring local artist or are an artist yourself?

Spread the word around and contact PALMY for more information.

After all, the spirit of #kitajagakita needs to live on, and this is PALMY’s way of supporting locals.

Join us in encouraging the growth of our talented and hardworking Malaysians today by purchasing our eco-products and empowering our #workwithlocals campaign.

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