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It is difficult to strike a proper balance between art but to use green and eco material.

This is mainly due to the fact that finding quality art supplies that do little harm to the environment is a rarity.

Artist Catherine Chee, however, accomplishes just that with her latest artwork.

Catherine Chee while doing her masterpiece

KURUM’ART Contemporary

Catherine’s art pieces were on display at KURUM’ART contemporary’s exhibition last month.

KURUM’ART contemporary was established in 2012 to help young artists gain exposure and experience in exhibiting their art.

This year, KURUM’ART contemporary presents “Exhibition of Works of International Students from Asia and Local Artists”.

Its aims were not only to assist international artists from Asia to exhibit their works in Japan with local artists, but also as an opportunity for cultural exchange and international exposure for both sides.

The exhibition was meant to be held earlier this year in May, but was postponed to November due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organiser as well as the art gallery readily agreed for Catherine to exhibit her artwork despite her not being able to attend the exhibition in person.

She, in turn, splendidly delivered with beautiful pieces, one of them being ‘Embracing the Sun’.

‘Embracing the Sun’


Catherine’s major is indeed one rarely heard of here in Malaysia; Japanese Painting.

If you immediately think of the Great Wave of Kanagawa when you first hear of it, then you’re headed in the right direction.

Contrasting the waves that inspired the symbolic art piece of Japan, Catherine instead chose to take inspiration from the sky for one of her artworks this time.

If you can’t already tell, ‘Embracing the Sun’ takes the Sun as its muse.

A burst of yellow amidst bluish hues and intricate details cover the paper she used in creating this masterpiece.

Just like her painting, the paper she used is not your everyday art paper either.

Catherine used pineapple paper she procured from PAL-MY as her canvas for her artworks.

Facing some difficulties in acquiring the usual art materials that she needed, she took matters into her own hands and made her own wooden panels as well as opted to use pineapple paper.

Making Art? Use Pinapaper

Catherine’s vivid artwork shows that pineapple paper makes a suitable and reliable canvas to house any artist’s masterpieces.

It complemented and supported the many mineral pigments, water-based paint and even Sumi-ink!

So whether you’re an amateur or a pro painter or just enjoy painting as a pastime, Pinapaper is the perfect medium for your art.

Details of artwork:
Title: Embracing the Sun
Year: 2020
Material: Pineapple Paper,
Mineral pigments, Water-based paint, sumi-ink
Size: 30.5cmx50.2cm

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