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“There are no dead ends.”

This was one of the best pieces of advice Ally had ever received in her life.

It was this advice that stuck with her when she faced dead ends of her own.

She firmly believes that if one plan fails, another road would always appear.

Her mindset and beliefs led her to the pathway she is now on; the pathway of an inspiring illustrator.

Alison Kong, or better known as AllyK., is the founder and chief illustrator at StickgirlProductions..

When Ally couldn’t pursue a job as an economist, she didn’t let it corner her into a dead end.

She turned to art, which first started out as a creative outlet to take her mind off of things during a particularly difficult time.

Originally intending to sell her pieces to earn some pocket money to weather through tough times, Ally did not expect it to be permanent.

Soon enough, the requests started pouring in, and she became more immersed in her artwork.

What began as an escape, became what is now Ally’s passion and career.

She enjoys transforming the world around her into inspirational and whimsical creations.

Among many other things, AllyK. is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman as well as a wife and proud mother of 2 (3 if you count the family cat, Monty).

Designs and Style

Ally’s artwork is nothing short of unique.

Her simple, yet cute and whimsical illustrations captures the eyes with underlying messages, should one try to dig deeper.

Oftentimes, Ally outsources inspiration from her surroundings.

Her family are usually her muses, found in many of her personal art pieces.

Other works are a result of her careful observations, indulging us in a glimpse of others’ lives.

To Ally, the protagonists of the art she creates are the ordinary people like you and I who just love living life, waiting for their stories to be picked up and told by someone.

Her experiences, observances and inspirations let her tell meaningful stories through fine, sure strokes and vivid colours.

Collaborating With PALMY

In light of the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, AllyK. collaborated with Palmy Malaysia in a project to aid the efforts to combat the disease.

The designs for the project were inspired by the tenacity and resilience of mankind amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

The brave frontliners who work tirelessly to curb and control the virus outbreak are among the subjects of AllyK.’s illustrations, in a way expressing our heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards them.

Messages that AllyK. hopes to get across to the citizens currently under lockdown through these illustrations are those of encouragement and unity in these times of uncertainty.

“A reminder that though we are socially distant physically, we are still very much connected.” – AllyK.

In lieu of hospitals needing urgent supplies of PPE suits, AllyK. and Palmy will be donating half of the profits of sales from this project to help meet hospitals’ needs.

 Find Out More About AllyK.’s Creations

AllyK. is an inspiration.

Her passion for her work and her resilience in the face of adversity beckons us to follow in her footsteps.

With her illustrations, AllyK. continues to advocate for what she believes in.

Want to get in touch with AllyK. or see more of her work?

Click the image below!


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