A lot of leaves that could have gone to ashes were salvaged to reincarnate them into a diverse assemblage of Palmy’s handmade paper. Every single paper material is special in its own way so take your time to choose one that resonates with you. Your pages are your own that you can even select the size of paper and number of sheets you need because like beautiful ideas, you will need enough space for it to flourish without bounds and limitations. Once you have set on your very own wonderful specifications, you can choose to let us secure your creation either hand- stitched in Japanese binding or through cockpits so you may have your book ready within two weeks.

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From the classic minimalists to the creative thinkers and tinkers, let Palmy introduce you to an intuitive experience of customized notebooks. Objects, like trinkets are exterior impressions of who we are as a person and convey the uniqueness only you can bring. Feel free to go through our array of papers and personalize your needs, wants and wishes so we can fulfill your desires through the right notebook you’ve always longed for. You are more than open to suggest the magic you would like to see materialized because everyone deserves to feel the joy of something catered just for them.

Paper : Pineapple Leaves Fiber

Plain Paper : Eco paper with FSC recognition

Size : 11' x 21'

Disclaimer : Our product are handcrafted individually, each comes with unique features and identity. The possibility of remarking is 99% impossible.



This item is made to order. Each product takes up to 14 working days to be produced.
If you require the order to be expedited, speak to us directly via e-mail.
Note that there will be an extra fee of 30% on top of normal price


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