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Presenting to you the Gifts from the Tropics
  • Arabic Calligraphy on Pineapple Paper


    Pre Order Your Arabic Calligraphy Today!

    Writen by our professional calligrapher Fahil Syarifi.

    Takes 2 weeks to complete.

    What you will get?

    • A4 pineapple paper with your name
    • Random wood frame with border


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  • Egg-Star Clutch Bag


    Detail is our forte and every stitch is elegantly sown in our fabrics, clutch and handbags. Combination of classic and modern design. Our oval frame that easy to hold during event, that can fit your minimal stuff.


    Outer – Pina Silk Fabrics

    Inner – Plain linen fabrics

    Handle – gold chrome

    100% hand stitch


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  • Notebook


    A lot of leaves that could have gone to ashes were salvaged to reincarnate them into a diverse assemblage of Palmy’s handmade paper. Every single paper material is special in its own way so take your time to choose one that resonates with you. Your pages are your own that you can even select the size of paper and number of sheets you need because like beautiful ideas, you will need enough space for it to flourish without bounds and limitations. Once you have set on your very own wonderful specifications, you can choose to let us secure your creation either hand- stitched in Japanese binding or through cockpits so you may have your book ready within two weeks.

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